Who is Ryan Feeney?

Ryan was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN.  He started Indy Art Forge in 1999 after graduating from Miami University with a degree in Sculpture and Graphic Design.  After graduation Ryan worked as an artist assistant to local artist Matt Berg.  While assisting Matt he also created his own works and started working as an artistic blacksmith.  Through Indy Art Forge, Ryan has constructed numerous public and private works of art as well as artistically designed functional items including furniture, handrails, water features, and oven hoods.

Today, Ryan lives and works in Indianapolis as an active member of the burgeoning public art scene in the city.  His sculptures include a larger than life cast bronze eagle atop an I-beam salvaged from the wreckage of the World Trade Center, as well as a bronze cast sheriff deputy outside of the Indianapolis Sheriff's Department and a bronze cast firefighter on Mass Ave in the front of the Firefighters' Union Hall.  In addition, he created the metal piano for the beloved Hoagie Carmichael sculpture on the Indiana University campus.  Ryan was commissioned by the Sheriff's department to create a sculpture about the recent outbreak of gun violence in Indianapolis.  His artistic response is both powerful and elegant.  With over 1,400 guns confiscated from crime scenes, Ryan erected a ten-foot tall dove bearing an olive branch in its beak.  The gesture serves as a symbolic as well as literal end to gun violence since these weapons will never again be used for harm.

Much of Ryan’s work deals directly with the men and women of our community who dedicate their lives to serve and protect their fellow citizens. This aspect of Ryan’s work is enhanced by his employment with the Indianapolis Fire Department. In this way, Ryan’s work becomes an extension of himself, blurring the lines between the Artist and his Art. The vigor and candor with which Ryan approaches his art is evident upon viewing.  Rigid as well as dynamic, his sculptures utilize the strength and immobility of metal while portraying timeless movement inherent in all aspects of life.

As a master of his trade, Ryan hopes that his involvement in the community, both inside and outside the arts, will inspire a love for the craft about which he is so passionate.